Safety Alert! SANLI SCS4950 CHAINSAW

Safety Alert! SANLI SCS4950 CHAINSAW

Dec 12 2017

Following a HSA / European Wide Chainsaw Market Surveillance using the European Communities (Machinery) Regulations S.I. No. 407 of 2008 the following “Safety Alert” has been issued by the HSA and Tucks O’Brien Limited being the distributor of the item here in Ireland wish to directly inform its customers about the product “Safety Alert”. >CLICK HERE To Visit HSA Website Alert

In addition we would ask you to inform your customer of this “Safety Alert” with the objective of taking all of these SCS4950 machines out of the market and away from users. Please follow the instructions below and we will assist you in any way we can.

Please DO NOT IGNORE this Safety Alert and it help us to get as much compliance, as possible, in order to identify the machines that are currently still on the market and in use.

Tony Gavagan

Operations Director

Tucks O’Brien Limited



The Health and Safety Authority wishes to advise owners and distributors of the portable chainsaw make Sanli SCS4950, that the importation company Tucks O'Brien Ltd have agreed to a voluntary recall of this product. The recall is as a result of market surveillance testing carried out by the Authority that revealed serious safety defects with this machine. See photographs below.

The testing revealed that the dimensions of the front handle did not meet requirements. However, more importantly the chain catcher (a critical safety device) cracked during testing.

What to do

With immediate effect, the chainsaw involved should no longer be used or provided to others. Should you stock or have resold a potentially affected product or passed it on to others, you are requested that you follow the process set out below and pass this safety warning on to any Product recipient as quickly as possible.

  • 1Check Stock

    Please check your stock immediately to determine whether you still have any Products. If you have any Products in stock, please ensure that:

    • The Products are not resold
    • Inform Tucks O Brien Ltd of the existence of the Products by calling 01 4677000
    • Do not dispose of the Products
    • Tucks O Brien Ltd will advise you regarding the return of products


  • 2Information to End User

    Please send this alert with the heading “Important Safety Information” to your end users where you know the address of the end user (e.g. from sources such as invoices, receipts, online orders etc.).

    Alternatively, Tucks O Brien Ltd can contact the end-user directly about the recall. If you would prefer this option, please provide Tucks O Brien Ltd with the contact information of the end user via. Email address below

  • 3Commercial Customers

    In the event that you have sold Products to any commercial customers (e.g. wholesalers, online retail platforms, commodity exchanges etc.), please forward this Alert to them and request that they in turn forward an alert to their customers.

  • 4Feedback

Tucks O Brien Ltd requests that you inform them as promptly as possible of the measures that you have taken and of the status of those measures.

Consumers can check directly with Tucks O Brien Ltd. If affected, owners should call, as soon as possible, the Tucks O Brien Ltd number 01 4677000


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