For questions or queries on the operation of the Tucks O'Brien Webshop:

For Webshop Queries:

Anne Kelly
T: +353 0(1) 467 7022

For questions regarding a specific order or orders:

Sales Team
Tucks O'Brien Sales Office
T: +353 0(1) 467 7000



Quick Order - Single Line
  • Click on the Quick Order Button on the Left Hand Side or go to the Shopping Cart at the top of the page.
  • Simply enter the Tucks O'Brien product code then enter the quantity required.
  • Click Add and you order will populate as you go.
  • You will see the product you have entered with both Price & Quantity.
  • A summary of the order appears on screen as you go along.
  • You can remove an item or increase / decrease  the quantity required

Quick Order
- Multiple Lines
  • Click on the Quick Order Button on the Left Hand Side or go to the Shopping Cart at the top of the page
  • Click on the Drop Down Box where you see Single Item Quick Order
  • Select the Multiple Item Quick Order Line
  • The screen image changes which shows a text box with a heading "Multiple Items Quick Order"
  • You will need to have the Tucks O'Brien Product Codes listed in Excel or CSV format
  • The EXCEL sheet should have two columns - Product Code - Quantity Required
  • Only copy the Product Codes and Quantity. Leave out the headings
  • Then paste the information into the Text Box
  • Then click check order will populate
  • Proceed to checkout as normal

Searching Techniques
  • The search field is designed to find products based on a near or perfect match of the product code or description.
  • Using a Tucks O'Brien product code you can enter all or part of the number
  • Searching with part of the code the system will display any item matching that partial code
  • When searching for an product with a description you need to be less specific
  • Searching for a Drill Bit - Do not search using plural eg Drill Bits as this will most likely be too much data
  • Simply use Drill Bit
  • If for example you are looking for a Long Reach Under Groover Arbor Type in either Long Reach or Arbor
  • Your interpretation of the description may not match the actual description so you are best with a near match
  • Less is more in these cases